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200 000 Levs Fine For Hd Operator "bulsatcom"

The Commission on competition imposed a property sanction for the amount of 200 000 levs to "Bulsatcom" AD.The case has started in connection with complaints by "Interactive technologies" AD and "Evrocom cable management Bulgaria" EOOD.The reason is an advertisement, according to which only Bulsatcom offers HD signal on the market, as well as the company "is the only HD operator in Bulgaria".The collected materials prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that before the start of the advertising campaign, "Interactive technologies" AD and "Evrocom cable management Bulgaria" EOOD have also offered the service "HD-signal".The Commission on competition deems that the advertising clip of Bulsatcom has misled the customers through the distribution of misrepresented facts. The company has made prominent its exclusivity regarding the offered service, despite the presence two other companies, which offer the service.In determining the sanction, the Commission has taken into consideration the continuous period of emission of the advertising message, the range on the entire territory of the country, as well as the number of emissions.According to the Commission, such a behavior neglects basic principles of competition and violates the good commercial practice. The Commission has decreed a discontinuation of the violation.