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Bulgaria Maintains Leading Position In Property Market Attractiveness Ranking

Bulgaria's capital of Sofia ranks third in property market attractiveness according to recent research of Global Property Guide (GPG).

The ranking included 12 European capitals and placed Bratislava and Istanbul at the first two positions.

GPG compared several factors including prices per sq m, annual rental income, taxes, transaction costs, GDP and legislation in the country, reported.

EU membership requirements activated a number of reforms in Bulgaria, research said. The annual gross rental income in Sofia is 10.6 per cent on average.

Average residential prices are still low amounting to 1042 euro per sq m and the taxes on rental income are within the European levels.

Transaction costs remain too high with average levels between 24.8 per cent and 26.6 per cent.

Slovakia turns out to be the most attractive place for property investment due to its GDP growth of 8.7 per cent in 2006, high rental income and low transaction costs.

Legislation changes in Turkey in the end of 2005 made it easier to purchase real estate in the country. Rental income ranging between six and 7.6 per cent and steady economic growth placed Turkey second among most attractive places for property investment.

The ranking goes further to include Romania, Hungary, Moldova and Ukraine.

In comparison, Baltic countries registered rental income decrease. Apartment prices in those countries are already reaching the levels in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm.