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Veliko Tarnovo Sees Sharp Decline in Property Transactions

The world crisis is hitting property markets in Bulgaria.Apartment sales in Veliko Tarnovo fell five times in a period of just one month, Nova Television reported. Local brokers are also seeing a decline in investments in pre-construction stage, which used to be gaining a lot of popularity in the past several years.Prices for apartments in panel buildings (which are traditionally cheaper) are also falling. Experts say that the crisis will rather have an adjusting effect in Bulgaria, rather than a dramatic one.The rising interest rates and the stricter conditions of lenders are the main reasons investors' interest in properties is declining.Apartment prices in panel buildings have already lost between 3 and 5% this year. Prices in newly built apartment buildings are also falling.The crisis will push out of business the speculators and the companies looking for fast profit, but not offering much of quality.From now on, people will be more selective. Who is the developer, how and what exactly is being developed, will matter more than even.