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"gazprom" Decreases Prices For Bulgaria

In the next year "Gazprom" will reduce the price of natural gas for Bulgaria by 35-40% according to the current situation, BNR reported.This was announced by the spokesman of the Russian gas company Sergey Kupriyanov.The delegation of the company is on an unofficial meeting in our country."As you know the price of gas is connected to the price of petrol products. Within this year, the price of petrol products was dropping and of course, all of this is going to be reflected in the wholesale prices of "Gazprom" for Bulgaria in the next year.Up to this moment it is impossible to say how prices will change throughout the year, because the situation continues to develop and we don't know how the price of petrol will change next year.According to our estimates the price of gas in the next year will drop by 30-40%," Kupriyanov pointed out.