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Bulgaria Needs Active International Marketing

Bulgaria needs an extremely active international marketing in order to show that it is a stable island in Eastern Europe, claimed the chairman of the Bulgarian economic forum Georgi Tabakov during the presentation of the forthcoming 10th edition of the forum.According to Tabakov the state should give bigger stimuli to the foreign investors, who are becoming more and more conservative towards the risk markets.It is not easy to attract foreign investment anymore and Bulgaria should manage the competitive environment through a stable strategy, explained the chairman of the Bulgarian economic forum."Bulgaria in this case should unhook from the image of Hungary. Three-four years ago we wanted to be like Hungary, to attract as many investments as possible. The problem, however, you see what it is in Hungary - the investors started withdrawing. Such a thing in Bulgaria so far cannot happen because Bulgaria is protected by the currency board. The other thing is that in Bulgaria every year the Bulgarian governments instead of deficit make a surplus in the budget, which is also a financial anchor and this is something that should be communicated all the time", said Tabakov.The chairman of the Bulgarian economic forum presented the main topics, which will be discussed by the participants in the 10th economic forum for Southeastern Europe, which will be held in Sofia on November 5 and 6. The topics include: the financial crisis, its reflection first on the financial sector in Bulgaria and then on the other economic fields, the establishment of the Bulgarian infrastructure, the energy and energy efficiency and the telecommunications.